The Morrigan Crow Pendant - BJS Inc. -
The Morrigan Crow Pendant - BJS Inc. -
The Morrigan Crow Pendant - BJS Inc. -
The Morrigan Crow Pendant - BJS Inc. -

The Morrigan Crow Pendant

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The Morrigan is the “Chooser of the Slain” and the Goddess of War who helps Atticus on his many adventures. What form that “help” takes is left up to the whims of the Morrigan. The Morrígan often appears as a crow. Atticus describes the goddess:

“The Morrigan is a spooky creature by default, but she can turn up the spookiness to eleven whenever she wishes. Her eyes glow red and minor harmonics creep into her voice, vibrating on a frequency guaranteed to produce shuddering fits, liquid bowels, and tiny screams of fear. At least that's what her voice o' doom does to normal people. Gods are able to take it a little better. Still, they flinch.”

Inspired by the Iron Druid Chronicles series by Kevin Hearne.

Details:  The Morrígan Crow pendant is solid sterling silver finished with a dark ruthenium finish. The pendant measures 15.7 mm tall, 47.8 mm wide, and 6.3 ? at the thickest point. The crow's eye is set with a 2mm imitation garnet. The pendant weighs approximately 5.9 grams. The pendant is stamped with our makers mark, copyright symbol, and the metal content, STER (sterling).

Chain Options: 24" long stainless steel curb chain, 24" black leather cord (additional $5.00), or 20" long 1.2 mm sterling silver box chain (additional $25.00). Additional chains are available on our accessories page.

PackagingThis item comes packaged in a jewelry box with a card of authenticity.

ProductionWe are a made-to-order company. Your order will ship in 5 to 10 business days if the item is not in stock.

The Morrigan and Atticus O'Sullivan are characters in the Iron Druid Chronicles book series © 2011 by Kevin Hearne.  "Iron Druid Chronicles" and the characters and places therein, are trademarks of Kevin Hearne under license to Corder Gloves.  All Rights Reserved.